NEWS Right After Threatening To KILL Trump, This Liberal Professor Got the WORST News of Her Life!

The liberal history professor Lars Maischak made national headlines after a report surfaced that he had tweeted ‘to save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.’”

Earlier in the day, Maischak issued an apology of sorts for his outrageous tweets:

“I apologize for the tone and content of my statements made on Twitter.

“I ask forgiveness of those who felt threatened or offended by them.

“It was never my intent to harm anyone, nor to encourage others to harm anyone.

“My statements each represent the end point of a dark train of thought triggered by my despair over the actions of the present U.S. government.

“That is what I meant by calling them ‘dark predictions.’

“It felt cathartic at the time to write them down.

“With 28 followers on Twitter at the time, I never expected them to be read by anyone but a close circle of acquaintances who would know to place them in their context.

To treat Twitter as of no more consequence than a journal was a poor decision. I have deleted my Twitter account, to preclude the possibility that anyone reading my statements in the future would take them as encouragement to act violently or unlawfully. In this spirit, I am prepared to take full responsibility for my statements,” he said.

Maischak is now under federal investigation as a result of his obscene lack of judgment. Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony carrying with it a possible five-year prison sentence and maximum $250,000.00 fine. Although Maischak has left the Fresno area, he is reportedly keeping the Secret Service aware of his location.

I’m all in favor of Maischak being prosecuted. He is a prime example of the rotten element within our collegiate academic system which is hell bent on indoctrinating our young people with socialism and hate for conservatives.

Right-wing news outlets are being blamed for the death threats Maischak claims are being made against him after his criminal threats toward Trump were widely publicized on the internet.

In the real world, the liberal professor is solely responsible for any repercussions that result from his threats to our president, and no one should feel sorry for this America-hating moron.


4 thoughts on “NEWS Right After Threatening To KILL Trump, This Liberal Professor Got the WORST News of Her Life!

  1. Interesting that he may ne fined and jail for 5 years BUT Kathy Griffin that appeared to BEHEAD our President is going to get a PASS.. I really do not see any difference at all in both of these dreadful threats. I think hers is worse than His!! Both of these people are apparently dangerous and have a sick sense of humor and should definitely be punished. We must start setting examples and try to derail other Wackos from going further and literally bringing HARM to “The Trump Family” …/ WE must set an example and these two are perfect… SCARY…

  2. It is a truth that most of the planet’s media is owned by right wing capitalists. Their purpose is to further the virus of capitalism and retain the world’s gap between rich and those in need. Left Insider offers left wing news from reputable news sites such as Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. We all have the birthright to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the duty to help others maximise theirs.

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