Online MBA Degrees

Over the last few years, the number of online MBA programs in America have exploded. Though there are several online MBA rankings (and a few major publications which list options), many of them still don’t tackle one of the largest concerns of potential students.


MBAs have long been standards of academic and theoretical business knowledge expected of mid-level managers and business owners. As a degree often pursued by students also working full-time jobs, MBAs were some of the first degrees to find their way online and to find acceptance in that format. With many schools having well over a decade of experience providing online MBAs, many programs have become finely tuned machines offering supreme flexibility, experiential learning, and pedagogical excellence. MBA holders find success in nearly every field and at virtually every level: from recent graduates to those looking to take the leap into their own business, to long-established managers in public and private ventures. Here at Best College Reviews, we’re particularly aware that many potential online MBA students are working full-time and/or have family and life commitments. For this reason, we’ve taken into account not just the overall program quality and academic prestige, but also the flexibility and affordability of programs. Check out our methodology and ranking below.


  • Academic Quality (1/3): the strength of the parent institution, as measured by factors such as average class sizes, number and quality of support services, quality of faculty, and quality financial aid.
  • Flexibility-Enhancing Characteristics (1/3): the breadth and quality of flexibility-enhancing components of a program, including the number of specializations, the ability to accerlate or decelerate programs, prior learning or transfer credit opportunities, and unique presentation options.
  • Affordability (1/3): the estimated out-of-state tuition per credit hour rate (if applicable, ie if a state school). Note: many online programs offer in-state tuition for all students.

1.) University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

MBA Online

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (known as, Illinois), is a research-intensive, land-grant university that is the flagship campus of the University of Illinois System. Located in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign, the school is split evenly between the two towns in a campus noted for its architectural beauty and number of landmarks. Illinois is also noted for having one of the five best engineering schools in the world, as well as a wide range of research initiatives in all applied and basic sciences. The university is home to the second largest library in the US behind Harvard University as measured by the number of books. The university is home to over 44,000 students on campus, of whom almost 10,000 are from mainland China, South Korea, or India. This fact makes Illinois the largest enroller of mainland Chinese students in the United States. As with other universities noted for science research, Urbana-Champaign is home to many science and technology firms who recruit students. Nationally, the school also ranks in the top few schools in the nation for recruiting of talented graduates.
The iMBA offered by the University of Illinois is a standout program in online education. It’s by far the most affordable program from a top university, costing a total of less than $22,000 for completion. It’s also customizable, with students required to choose from two of three custom modules in their course of study: Global Challenges in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, or Digital Marketing. The iMBA is also touted for a rich collaborative environment, in which students will work on many hands-on projects with other students, and professors will directly interact with students. While asynchronous coursework in other MBAs can be a boon to flexibility, the opportunity to interact in such a meaningful way with top professors and talented students is a remarkable deal. Even while touting high interactivity and collaboration, the MBA has a global reach and is currently called home to students of 17 nations around the world.

2.) University of North Alabama

Online Master of Business Administration

MBA Online

The University of North Alabama is a coeducational, public university located in Florence, Alabama. The University is the oldest four-year school in the state and is noted for many great architectural and landmark works. The original campus plan was designed by the Olmstead brothers, sons of the original designer of Central Park. More recently, a 15,000 square food Science and Engineering Technology Building was added to campus (in 2015). A large fundraising campaign was recently commenced to realize the original vision of the Olmstead Brothers in the campus. Other notable facts about the university include an unusually high percentage of international students for the category of school it’s in (among the top ten in the nation), as well as the universities high rank as a comprehensive regional university.

The fully online MBA offered by the University of North Alabama ranks highly due to its flexible nature, affordability, and the academic quality of the parent institution. Students in the program may finish their course of study in as little as a year, or extend the program if they need to progress more slowly. Ten separate specializations are available, including an executive MBA option for students with significant work experience and a choose your own path specialization. Other specialties include information systems, accounting, innovative economic development, finance, international business, health care management, project management, human resource management, and ERP systems using SAP. On top of all of the flexibility, the program is also the 12th most affordable of schools surveyed, coming in at $450 per credit hour.


3.) University of New Hampshire

Online MBA

MBA Online

The University of New Hampshire is a public research university that is home to some 15,000+ students. Founded in 1822, UNH is a public land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant university, making it one of only nine universities in the United States to garner this distinction. The University is also the flagship school of the University of New Hampshire System. Other notable facts about the university include it’s focus on sustainability as one of 15 most sustainable schools in the nation according to the College Sustainability Report Card in 2009. In line with this designation, the Sierra Magazine named the school the “6th coolest” in the United States for efforts in sustainability. The university is classified as a “Doctoral Universities: Higher Research Activity” school and is located at three campuses in Durham, Manchester, and Concord.

The fully online MBA program offered by the University of New Hampshire places highly in our ranking due to great flexibility and academic prestige markings. Courses are available in 5 8-week terms throughout the year, in which students may take one or more courses at a time. Also of note for flexibility, courses are offered asynchronously, meaning that students do not have to log on at any one time to complete their course work. A number of concentrations are also available for students in the MBA, including specializations in marketing and supply chain management, entrepreneurial venture creation, financial management, and hospitality management. Part time students are not required to take a specialization, though they may, and may also instead choose six elective classes that interest them. Common times until degree range from 2-6 years, allowing students to speed up or slow down their course of study as they see fit.


4.) Southeast Missouri State University

MBA Online

Master of Business Administration Online

Southeast Missouri State University is a public university with a primary campus located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Home to some 12,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the university was founded as a normal school and has traditionally been known for strong education programs. Recent expansions of the University include the opening of a “River Campus” (the university is located close to the Mississippi River), to house the Earl and Margie Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts. This recent commitment to the arts is in line with the University’s goals to be a comprehensive university, a fact they exemplify through the offering of degrees and programs of study in over 200 disciplines. The University also functions as an “online university” of sorts, with a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs offered fully online.

SEMO’s fully online MBA program ranks highly due to its flexibility and affordability. Students may choose from three concentrations, including the slightly more rare options of sports management and health administration. A general management track may also be taken. The degree is also affordable, coming in well below many schools with over $1,000 per credit hour. SEMO’s program costs $529 per credit hour, within the 25 most affordable program options of those surveyed. Career prospects for SEMO are also good, with 98% of graduates who are seeking new jobs obtaining them within a year of graduating from the program. Furthermore, the fully online MBA is AACSB accredited, an honor only obtained by the top 5% of business schools in the world.


5.) Washington State University

Online MBA

Master of Business Administration Online

Washington State University is a public, land-grant research university located in Pullman, Washington. The University also operates campuses in Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and an online campus. The total number of students for all campuses is close to 30,000. The University is one of the 50 top spenders on research among public schools in the nation and climbs even higher when compared to other public universities without medical schools (traditionally a major component of research expenditures). Research has traditionally been rooted in agriculture, as is standard for land-grant universities. The University is uniquely situated for such research in the Palouse region, an area of Washington defined by rolling hills created by wind-blown soil deposits. This fact makes the region one of the best regions for dry-land agriculture in the world. A broad range of academic offerings is available at the University, including over 220 degree options in-person, and 21 degree options at the undergraduate and graduate levels online.

The fully online MBA offered by Washington State University places highly in our rankings due to its flexible nature as well as the prestige of the parent institution. Students may choose from a variety of specializations in their course of study, including marketing, finance, hospitality/business management, international business, and a general track. Students follow a common course of study for MBA programs, placing time until graduation between 22 and 29 months depending on full or part-time study. For qualified applicants, no GMAT Is required, providing yet another flexibility-enhancing benefit. Other notable features include WSU’s MBA’s placement in the top 25 for both Princeton Review and US News, one of only 12 schools to be ranked so. Additionally, a unique study abroad in Asia option may be elected by students in the online program. The program was the 31st most affordable program of those surveyed, yet retains a fully manageable price point of $537 per credit hour.


6.) Hope International University

Online MBA

Online MBA

Hope International University is a private, Christian University located in Fullerton, California. Home to more than 2,000 students, the university offers a wide range of in-person and online degree options. The university is currently non-denominational, though has strong ties with the Restoration Movement and the Christian churches and churches of Christ. The university offers degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with a large number available online in formats suitable for busy or working adults. Degrees are largely practical and Church-centered, including a wide range of offerings in management, business, education, and divinity. Particularly for students interested in a Christ-Centered education, Hope International University holds the spot of our highest Christian University in our MBA rankings, and well worth a gander.

The fully online MBA program offered by Hope International University ranks highly due to its large number of flexibility-granting components. Students of the program may choose from five concentrations, including marketing management, non-profit management, international development, general management, and business as mission/social entrepreneurship. The program is also accelerated for interested students, making the program one of the few surveyed that offers both a range of specializations and acceleration. Valuable support services including academic coaches and highly qualified teachers help to enhance student experiences further. Tuition per credit hour is currently set at $700, slightly more expensive than other options in the top 10, but on the affordable end of private online offerings.


7.) Union University

MBA Online

Online MBA

Union University is a private, evangelical Christian liberal arts school with its main campus in Jackson, Tennessee. The University has expanded rapidly in recent years, now boasting campuses in Germantown and Hendersonville, Tennessee. For the last 19 years the university has been ranked as a top regional school in the southeast, and with the implementation of a greater range of programs has recently come to be seen as a national university. Currently, over 4,000 students attend all three campuses as well as online. Education is Christ-centered and largely at the undergraduate level, enhanced by several flexible professional and graduate degree programs. As a liberal arts school, the University excels at providing a low student to teacher ratios (8:1) as well as a high percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students.

The fully online MBA offered by Union University places highly in our rankings due to flexibility and the program’s unique vision. Students may opt for a general course of study or pursue an emphasis in human resource management through the online program. An accelerated option is also available for students close to western or central Tennessee. This option is for recent graduates who are looking to add an MBA to their resume quickly, though requires two nights a week in-person class time. All business degree options offered by Union University are Christ-centered and focus on ethical components as well as quantitative methods of business. While tuition for Union’s MBA is the 35th most affordable of programs surveyed, tuition is still quite affordable for a private program. Tuition per credit hour comes in at $585.


8.) Post University

Online MBA

Online MBA

Post University is a private, for-profit university with a main campus located in Waterbury, Connecticut. Home to over 7,000 students, the university is known for online and flexible degree programs. As a member of the American Council on Education (ACE) Alternative Credit Consortium, students who have some credit but unfinished degrees may find additional ways to achieve a full degree in an affordable, flexible, and accelerated way. The university has enjoyed annual placement in US News‘s top online universities as well as some other third-party rankings, particularly for graduate online business offerings. Over 25 degree options are available from the university with many available in day traditional, evening traditional, and online formats. The University has a long lineage of non-traditional education, and as with other that have a similar pedigree, it is known as an educator of service members. The university began offering accelerated degrees to service members as far back as 1976.

The fully online MBA offered by Post University places highly in our ranking due to its affordability as well as flexibility-enhancing program components. On the affordability front, the university clocks in as the 3rd most affordable surveyed (of hundreds) with a tuition rate of $300 per credit. Particularly for a marketable degree like an MBA, this makes the Post University program quite a steal. As far as flexibility, many specializations are available for students to choose from, including Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare Systems Leadership, Leadership, Marketing, Multidisciplinary, and Project Management. All curricular tracks require 45 credit hours for graduation and focus on many of the same core skill sets: leadership, ethics, creativity and innovation, the creation of new ventures, strategic business planning, and quantitative reasoning. Courses are 8-weeks in length, allowing further acceleration of the program. Classes are small, and students receive feedback from university professors and chances for one-on-one interactions.

9.)Fort Hays State University

Online MBA

Fort Hays State University is a public, coeducational university located in Hays, Kansas. The university is a member of the Kansas Board of Regents System (of which it is the third largest school) and is home to over 14,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Fort Hays has long been an established online education provider–starting a “virtual college” in 1999– and currently over half of the school’s matriculants are online-only students. Online courses are offered in almost 30 undergraduate and graduate disciplines, as well as in a number of certification programs. In many fields, Fort Hays State University is ranked as one of the 5 most affordable online universities. Furthermore, the university has many strategic ties to the military and community colleges across the county, and universities worldwide allowing students to gain in-person experience or support services. For students with the privilege to spend some time on campus, they should note the beautiful creek that winds through Limestone buildings, as well as the unique Sternberg Museum of Natural History. Sternberg houses over 100,000 square feet of dinosaur fossils, and prehistoric animals that inhabited Kansas over 70-80 million years ago.

The fully online MBA offered by Fort Hays State University places highly in our ranking due to the program’s affordability and flexibility-enhancing components. The program offers a seamless transition for students holding bachelor’s level degrees in business or not. With students who have not completed undergraduate coursework catching up to their peers with 12 credits of business foundation courses. All students may choose from a wide range of specializations, including Finance, General MBA Studies, Health Care Management, Health & Human Performance / Sports Management, Human Resource Management, Information Assurance, International Business, Leadership Studies, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Tourism and Hospitality Management. This makes for potentially the widest range of specializations of schools surveyed and is a great opportunity for students looking for a hard to find specialization at a good price point. Regarding tuition, Fort Hays State University’s MBA is the 7th most affordable of surveyed schools with a per credit hour tuition rate of $400.


10.) Auburn University

Online MBA

MBA Online

Auburn University is a public land-grant, space-grant, sea-grant, and flagship university located in Auburn, Alabama. The University was founded in 1856 and is one of the most prestigious southern schools in the south and is currently home to almost 30,000 students. Of the 13 schools and colleges that comprise the university, particularly lauded programs exist in architecture, interior design, pharmacy, forestry, engineering, business, and veterinary science. In recent years a large portion of degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels have also been made available for study online MBA . Other accolades include many unique research institutes and initiatives such as the Urban Studio, where students can become involved in community projects, and the Rural Studio, where the University’s innovative architecture school provides affordable housing for rural communities throughout West Alabama.

The fully online MBA offered by Auburn University places highly in our ranking due to the parent institution’s academic prestige and the relative affordability of the program. Academic prestige for the program is anchored in a high new student retention rate (94%), a traditional marker of the quality of a program, selectivity, and the number of online support services. Online support services include access to library technologies and librarians, academic advising, career placement, mentoring, tutoring, technical support, and local area support. The 13 course program is typically completed with two classes at a time in the spring, summer, and fall, for a total of two and a half years in school. Students may slow down the course of study, however, and take up to six years to complete their degree if it works better for busy work and life challenges. While tuition is higher than some listed at the top of our ranking, for a top, nationally ranked program, $805 per credit hour isn’t too bad.


An MBA online allows students the opportunity to earn their MBA from one of the many prestigious universities that offer MBA online programs, no matter where they are located. These MBA online programs are designed for students who have professional work experience and want to expand in their career, as well as for students who need to juggle work, school and family, allowing them the convenience of earning an MBA online from home on a schedule that works best for them.

An MBA online prepares you for senior management and executive positions in national and international businesses. You will learn about the complexities of international markets and business trends, develop leadership and management skills, and learn about business communication and ethics, among many other topics integral to MBA online programs.


Compare Online MBAs in Europe 2017

A Master of Business Administration is a degree program that may help students to improve and diversify their skill set. Many schools offer MBA programs either online or part-time, so that students who are busy with careers and families can further their education in a convenient manner.

Europe, one of the world’s seven continents, is usually known as the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 (km2), the area regroups 50 countries.

Global Online MBA

Global Online MBA

Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School is at the centre of Imperial College London, one of the world’s top 10 universities. With a reputation built on solid principals and practical expertise, studying with us will open doors across the world and give you access to the very latest research in business, technology, science, engineering and healthcare.

Why choose the Global Online MBA?

An online MBA from a top-ranked world-class STEM institution with a global institution.

Learning reimagined
Award-winning and cutting-edge educational technology for a dynamic, flexible online experience that is superior to anything else on the market.

Cohort and community
The programme offers the best of both worlds. Our innovative online community-based approach is strengthened further with time spent in London.

Fusion of business and technology
We combine innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefitting business and improving society.

Key Facts

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s leading universities Imperial College London was established in 1907.

  • 2 intakes per year: January and September
  • 14 different electives
  • 38 nationalities represented
  • 2 year, part time format
  • Cutting-edge learning platform, The Hub
  • 2 weeks on campus for the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Course (IED)

A world-class qualification from a leading university

Our Global Online MBA is a uniquely flexible 2-year programme which combines innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefiting business and improving society.

By combining Imperial’s world-class teaching and research with the latest award-winning, cutting-edge technology, Imperial College Business School is transforming the MBA experience.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Liverpool Online Programmes

University of Liverpool Online Programmes

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Develop personally and professionally as a leader, and equip yourself for higher positions in management with this 100% online MBA from the AACSB-accredited University of Liverpool Management School.

Focused on innovation and leadership, the globally orientated MBA encourages you to think creatively and to apply your new knowledge in the real world. The online MBA provides you with the opportunity to rise to today’s leadership challenges and to advance your career in the public, private or NGO sectors.

Tailor the MBA to your career by choosing recommended modules for areas such as General Management, International Business, Marketing & Business Operations, Entrepreneurship or Finance and Accounting or by selecting individual electives to create your own, self-designed programme of study.

Throughout the programme, you will build critical thinking, research, presentation and communication skills that you can use immediately in your job. To complete your degree, you can choose between a research dissertation and a ‘live’ consultancy project addressing a real issue at your organisation.

The online MBA programme is CEL-accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development and is covered by the University of Liverpool Management School’s AACSB Accreditation.

Why choose this online MBA degree programme?

  • You will gain a recognised degree from a globally respected university, and an AACSB-accredited management school
  • The programme is designed to equip you for higher positions in management and to help you develop personally and professionally as a leader who thrives in complex and globally diverse environments
  • All areas of the curriculum are infused with vital aspects of today’s business environment, including globalisation, innovation and disruptive change, ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • You will gain new skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply in your current role, so you can start making a difference from day one
  • The curriculum has a strong international focus and the MBA attracts students from over 160 countries; you will be interacting with business professionals from around the world
  • The course is taught by respected professionals with a vast amount of practical experience across a number of business sectors and management fields
  • You will learn within a supportive online environment and benefit from a personalised support programme, helping to keep you inspired, motivated and on track


Issa Al Tabarani is a 2013 graduate of the University of Liverpool’s online MBA programme. Originally from Jordan and now living in Dubai, he works as a Director for Barclays Bank.

Married with two young sons, Issa describes himself as an ambitious person who is always setting new objectives for himself both personally and professionally. For Issa, studying online gave him the flexibility to continue working while pursuing his MBA.


MBA Engineering Management

Allensbach University

Allensbach University

Digitale Technologien in Form von Social Media, Mobile Communication und Business Analytics durchdringen immer schneller Industrie und Wirtschaft. Mit dem Begriff der Digitalen Transformation verbinden wir heute neue digitale Geschäfts-modelle mit einem disruptiven Innovationsansatz, einer Interaktion in Echtzeit und mit verlässlichen Vorhersagen auf der Basis großer Datenbestände.

Die Fortschritte bei den digitalen Technologien führen auch zu einem Paradigmenwechsel in der industriellen Wertschöpfung, der über die Begriffe Industrie 4.0 und Big Data bereits seit einigen Jahren mit einer neuen industriellen Revolution in Verbindung gebracht wird. Die Verschmelzung der physischen und virtuellen Welt in cyber-physischen Systemen führt auch zu neuen Herausforderungen im Management und hier insbesondere in der Leitung und professionellen Begleitung von Projekten im Rahmen von Veränderungsprozessen, die den digitalen Wandel in den nächsten Jahren ausmachen werden.

Engineering Management als neuer Studienschwerpunkt im MBA

Mit dem neuen Studienschwerpunkt Engineering Management im MBA für Ingenieure, Naturwissenschaftler und Informatiker bietet die Allensbach University als eine der ersten Hochschulen überhaupt nun auch eine Managementausbildung auf der Masterstufe im Kontext der beschriebenen Herausforderungen an.

Sie lernen dabei die wichtigen Inhaltselemente eines ganzheitlichen Innovationsmanagements kennen und verbinden diese mit den fachlichen Schwerpunkten der Digitalisierung von Geschäfts-prozessen, wie sie die Disziplinen des Data Science Management (Big Data) und ein Industrielles Informationsmanagement (Industrie 4.0) vermitteln.

Nach dieser Ausbildung können Sie zukünftig als Koordinator eines modernen und agilen Informationsmanagements im Unternehmen fungieren und den diesbezüglichen Managementkreislauf zur Bearbeitung und zum Umgang mit der Ressource Information beschreiben und disziplinär und interdisziplinär gestalten. Sie können konkrete Umsetzungsprojekte mit ihrer Managementkompetenz leiten oder als interner oder externer Berater fungieren.

Nach dem Studium wissen Sie, wie sie ein Unternehmen mittels Predictive Applications zu einer Data Driven Company entwickeln. Sie wissen, wie man Projekte konkret angeht und umsetzen kann, welche Vorteile automatisierte datengetriebene Entscheidungen bieten und welche Rahmenbedingungen bei Data-Science-Projekten eingehalten werden müssen.

Industrie 4.0 und das “Internet der Dinge”

Sie kennen außerdem die betriebswirtschaftlichen, technischen und auch rechtlichen Herausforderungen und Chancen, die mit Industrie 4.0 verbunden sind. Sie können den Charakter von Industrie 4.0 ganz im Sinne des „Internet of Things“ als Gestaltungsaufgabe zur Verbindung realer Dinge mit virtuellen Dingen und Menschen angehen.

Damit können Sie Projekte beratend begleiten, über die ein Übergang zu einem digital vernetzten Gesamtsystem angestrebt wird. Insbesondere können Sie die Projektanteile auch leitend gestalten, mit denen eine noch engere Abstimmung von betriebswirtschaftlicher und technischer Informationsverarbeitung im produktiven Umfeld erreicht werden soll.

Online MBA

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

The Online MBA from Birmingham Business School is designed for enterprising business professionals with at least three years of experience who are ready to enhance their practical knowledge for the next step in their careers. By pairing informed, contemporary content with an interactive online learning platform, this course provides postgraduate students with both flexibility and critical business skills.

Further outlining our commitment to offering world-class and sustainable courses to our students, Birmingham Business School holds triple-crown accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Association of MBAs and the European Quality Improvement System.

With its practical learning and flexible delivery, this MBA is designed for the 21st century. Ranked a top 12 MBA in the UK (2013) by the Economist, it is a world-class solution from an academic institution recently named University of the Year in both The Times and The Sunday Times.

Course Details

The Birmingham Business School Online MBA is for those who are already working in business and want to strengthen their understanding in a world-class environment that can directly benefit their career. The online format meets the needs of busy professionals who are balancing work and personal commitments alongside their studies.

As a member of the Russell Group, an organisation of the UK’s top 24 research-led universities, the University of Birmingham produces some of the best research the country has to offer, and our curriculum is built from this. Benefit from a syllabus based on the latest insights and issues in business and globalisation. With the flexibility of online learning, postgraduate students in this online MBA learn to develop sustainable business strategies in an efficient two and a half year course.

To ensure students strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of business, core modules are offered one at a time. In this way, students can focus clearly and build relevant, real-world experience in each of the principles of business before applying them through elective modules of their choice.

Advance your career at a world-class university with an internationally recognised MBA from Birmingham Business School, where we put business in context, people at the heart of business and business at the heart of society.

Learning and Teaching

The University of Birmingham’s virtual learning platform presents postgraduate Online MBA students with a superior environment for their online studies. We have moved beyond the traditional classroom structure, taking full advantage of digital media with modules that draw on interactivity, active student participation and social connectivity with faculty and peers around the world to provide a more dynamic, global learning experience.

Rather than simply reading lecture transcripts and sending in assignments, the University of Birmingham’s online students engage with the curriculum directly using:

  • Video Lectures: Access content any time and from any device
  • InteractiveAssignments:Actively participate in learning exercises
  • Real-Life Case Studies: Gain skills you can apply immediately
  • Social Interaction:Connect with peers, professors and tutors online
  • Digital Resources: Rely on support for any of your admissions, enrolment, technology or career needs

Learn by doing

Our accredited Online MBA will provide you with key insights into today’s business principles and approaches through practical experience, providing you with the tools to immediately put these ideas into practice.

To make your knowledge as authentic and as broad as possible, the course is taught by leading lecturers and guest speakers from around the world, with expertise covering a host of business sectors.

Our Online MBA course is truly interdisciplinary, exploring all areas of business from accountancy to marketing. We also offer options to follow learning paths suited to your particular career goals. It is through this diverse learning experience that you will be empowered to develop a deeper understanding of the operations of modern business.

Why choose this course?

  • Further your ability to overcome complex problems in global business
  • Develop critical managerial skills and master practical applications
  • Enhance the people management skills necessary for more effective leadership
  • Challenge critical thinking on global business issues
  • Understand business management and its application in professional life
  • Gain international perspectives of organisations and management theory

As well as providing the highest levels of convenience and flexibility that 100% online learning offers, the course is full of interactive elements, further bringing the course material to life. The virtual learning environment is designed to be completely immersive, helping you connect with your lecturers and peers. This sharing of ideas presents new opportunities to network and build the kind of contacts that endure well beyond the course.

For more , info about MBAs Online click here Source :


1 Year MBA Programs Online


  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Statistics
  • Quantitative Foundations of Decision Support Systems
  • Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Law

These are all basic business topics that will be expanded upon in a one year online MBA program, so you must be certain that you are comfortable enough in those subject areas to not have to review them.

In addition, you must complete your prospective school’s application checklist. Along with your completed application itself, you must submit an official transcript, your GMAT scores, at least two letters of recommendation from previous employers or professors, an essay of intent, an updated resume, and your TOEFL or other English language test scores if you are of a non-English speaking background in order to be considered for entry into a 1 year MBA online program.

The Academics of Getting an Online MBA in 1 Year

You may wonder just how to get an MBA certificate after enrolling in a program. Essentially, a one year online MBA is the second half of a typical two-year MBA program. In fact, in brick-and-mortar schools, those who earn an MBA in one year attend the same classes as those who are in their second year of a regularly paced program. The top online MBA programs in 2011 begin during the summer and last until the following spring. You will complete about 35 to 46 credit hours in classes such as:

  • Managerial Economics: This course is focused on the motivation and effects of decisions made by the administrative officials of firms, particular when it pertains to opportunity costs, transaction costs, and market power.
  • Spreadsheets for Business and Finance: This course is practical hands-on instruction on how to use Excel for business and finance problem-solving, data organization, and data condensation.
  • Leader Development: This course works to help students develop the skills needed to successfully manage teams and see projects to successful completion. You will learn lecture methods, self-presentation tactics, and behavioral skills.

All 1 year MBA certificate programs also allow students to pick a concentration within the business field, such as consulting, consumer products, global management, and much more. You will take classes strictly related to your concentration of choice. For example, if you decide to pursue a concentration in IT management, you will take courses such as Technological Innovation Management and High-Tech Product Marketing.

Every seasonal term is punctuated with examinations, and some of the top online MBA programs in 2011 also include mandatory internships, which will allow you to practice what you learned in the classroom. Most online MBA certificates may end with a Capstone project as well, which is an intensive research presentation and paper end-of-the-program assignment that is completed with the guidance of an online instructor or counselor. The Capstone project typically reflects a real-world case study of the existing business practices.

After completing all of these degree program requirements and earning satisfactory marks on your classes, examinations, and Capstone project, you will have successfully earned your online MBA in one year.

Profile of Online One Year MBA Students

Now that you know just how to get an MBA certificate, you may be wondering who typically enrolls in these types of programs. Varying types of students enroll in one year MBA programs, but the majority are working adults looking to go back to school, according to the student profiles of the University of Notre Dame and Emory University. For both schools in 2011, most of the students enrolled in the one-year MBA program have five years of work experience and are about 27 to 28 years of age.

These averages indicate that the fast-paced one year MBA is best suited for those who not only have an undergraduate degree in business, but also those who have ample professional work experience as well, though that is not an explicit requirement for admissions. This type of MBA program can help professionals in the field receive the additional education they need to take on more responsibilities and move up in their careers.

Why Earn a One-Year MBA?

For working professionals and those with an undergraduate degree in business, an online one year MBA program is a logical choice. It will allow them to skip unnecessary reviews of business basics and delve right into the more complex topics that will adequately challenge them. In addition, as the one year MBA is only half as long as a typical MBA program, the tuition is much lower for the shorter program. For example, at Clarkson University, the tuition for a one year MBA program is approximately $10,819 less than the regular two-year MBA program. With financial aid, grants, and scholarships, you could incur even more savings.

Overall, a one year MBA will allow you to get a quality education without having to relearn subjects you already know. You will save money and, arguably more importantly, time, which will allow you to continue working with minimal interference from your MBA courses.

For business professionals looking to improve the appeal of their resume and increase their understanding of the business industry, a Masters of Business Administration is a popular degree choice. In fact, it can get done in as little as one year with a 1 year MBA.

What is a 1 year MBA? Because of the typical time table involved in such a program, many business professionals with great potential feel they do not have the time necessary to dedicate to an MBA. By enrolling in a 1 year MBA program, it can be obtained through a fast paced schedule of courses designed to enhance leadership skills, learn the ins and outs of accounting and finance, master the art of HR, and build critical management and business operation skills.

While there are many benefits to furthering one’s education, the time involved in obtaining a master’s degree often hinder the progress of many business professionals who have great business interest. A 1 year program allows students to learn the full range of valuable skills and information needed in the industry without hindering the progress of their career for years on end.

Because 1 year MBA programs are offered in many countries all around the world, the cost of programs can range greatly from one university to another. Finding a program you can afford may be as simple as comparing the universities you are interested, and seeing which programs offer both the education and cost-effectiveness you are looking for.

Obtaining a Masters of Business Administration allows students to pursue a wide range of exciting and competitive careers in today’s business industry. After obtaining an MBA, potential careers might include healthcare administration, financial management, or human resources director. Depending on the specific field of study chosen within the 1 year MBA program you select, you can choose to guide you career in a more defined direction.


One-Year MBA

AMBA Accredited

Hult International Business School

Transform your mindset, and your career.

The world is changing but most business schools are not. The Hult MBA is different—through learning by doing, it will equip you with the instincts of an entrepreneur, a vision that transcends borders, and a desire to challenge the status-quo.

Learn from cases and subject matter experts who bring real-life business knowledge and leadership skills into the classroom. Our award-winning curriculum is the foundation of our new approach to business education.

You cannot learn business just sitting in a classroom. Hult’s unique curriculum teaches you theory and gives you opportunities to apply your learning in the real world.

Our intense multi-month Hult Business Challenge allows you to put theory into practice by solving real companies’ issues. Our leadership program is informed by consultation with 100 of the world’s leading CEOs; and our faculty have real-world business experience.



Start your MBA in Boston, San Francisco, London, or Dubai, then choose to explore any other two campuses as part of Hult’s unique Global Campus Rotation.


Learn core business knowledge, develop leadership skills, specialize, and experience business culture in up to three global cities—all in one year.


Your MBA begins with a three-week Immersion.

From day one you grapple with the building blocks of business through intensive lectures, seminars, and workshops while orienting yourself to your campus and getting to know your classmates. You also assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses through coaching, team exercises, and a capstone simulation where you’ll develop and execute a new venture strategy, managing all functional areas of a business.

Core courses

For your first three modules, your core courses will focus on the basics of business theory–taught from a global perspective. Student writing on the whiteboard

  • Business and Global Society
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Accounting
  • Global Operations
  • Leadership Skills I
  • International Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Business Challenge I
  • Managerial Economics
  • Leadership Skills II
  • Global Strategy
  • Business Challenge II
  • Leadership Skills III

Note: The courses listed above are only a sample selection of the courses available


Students come to Hult with diverse and personal goals, and many find that our specializations help them meet their objectives. We allow you to signal your interests to employers by specializing in one of six fields.

In your final two modules, you can choose four elective courses from a wide range of topics. To be awarded a specialization, you must complete three of your four electives in your chosen specialization.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Family Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics

Career development

Navigating an international job search requires an individual approach. At Hult, we are experts in international student placement and work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy.

Career Fast Track

The earlier you start your job search, the greater your chance of success. Our Career Fast Track program enables you to have everything in place so you can start applying for jobs as soon as you arrive on campus.

Before you start your program at Hult, you’ll have access to software that gives you a line-by-line resume review, webinars on resume writing, global market employment trends, and creating a targeted job-search strategy. So when you arrive on campus you can concentrate on your studies, networking opportunities, and begin your job search straight away.

  • Line-by-line resume reviews
  • Webinars on global employment trends, personalizing your job search, and how to get your resume to a globally competitive standard
  • Interactive sessions with expert Careers Advisors

Personalized support

We work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy and give you the tools to execute it.

Throughout your program, you’ll attend workshops and coaching sessions to equip you with essential knowledge and skills in areas like LinkedIn optimisation, personal branding, negotiations, interview preparation, and job search strategy.

You’ll be assigned a personal Careers Advisor who will work with you one-on-one to help you position yourself to enter your target location and industry. They can advise you on everything from visas to job applications and long-term career paths. You also have the opportunity to have an alumni mentor.

There is a packed schedule of career events that bring companies on to campus to present, network, and recruit, as well as alumni mixers, expert guest speakers, and career open house events.


Your career development doesn’t stop when you graduate and neither does Hult’s support.

Constantly stay connected

Your alumni network is one of your biggest assets, Hult Connect is an online portal that allows you to link with the 16,000 Hult alumni working in every major industry in every corner of the world. You’ll also have access to our global job board so you can continue take advantage of our relationship with the world’s top employers seeking talent. Hult’s Alumni Mentorship Program provides you with an opportunity to be a part of coaching the next generation of leaders coming out of Hult.

  • Hult Connect, the online portal for our 16,000+ alumni network
  • Alumni Mentorship Program
  • Global job board and networking events

Lifelong education

Change never stops, so your business learning shouldn’t either. We empower you to stay up-to-date with emerging trends by taking a complimentary elective each year for the rest of your life.

One elective a year, on us.

Most careers span decades and critical skills can change as you progress in seniority. The rapid pace of change also means future critical business knowledge might have simply been impossible to learn during your program. Before 2004 there was no Facebook or YouTube; neither the iPhone nor Airbnb existed prior to 2007; and yet understanding the impact of these innovations is critical for business success today. At Hult, you can refresh a skillset or get up to speed in a new business trend by enrolling in one elective a year at any of our global campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is otherwise free of charge.

Executive education options for life.

Instead of studying an elective, every year Hult alumni can enroll in a range of leadership Summer Executive Education Programs at our historic Ashridge Estate campus in Berkhamsted, U.K. Courses feature a range of leadership and development programs, and are taught by experts with practical, theoretical, and commercial experience. There’s a small registration fee, but courses otherwise cost over $10,000 so the savings over time for Hult alumni are significant.

Admissions & fees

Hult takes a holistic approach to reviewing your application to learn what makes you unique. In addition to academic achievement, we look for a demonstrated passion to learn, curiosity about the world, and leadership potential.

The option to add a second Master degree in a further six months of accelerated study at our U.S. campuses

Hult’s ambitious curriculum allows you to earn a one-year MBA and a second Master degree in only 18 months. That means you can earn two degrees in the time it would take to complete an MBA at a traditional business school.


1-Year MBA Degree in Rome – International Accredited MBA Program

Swiss School of Management, Rome Italy

Why the Swiss School of Management in Rome?

Simply put, a Swiss education carries value.

Our US and EU accredited MBA Degree gives you more than a new line on your résumé. It gives you a professional getaway to the career you want, anywhere in the world.

The SSM MBA Degree program is in collaboration with INSEEC Business & Communication School in Paris. One of the top 20 business schools in Europe.

To experience our MBA is to go inside the issues that matter—and to reach inside yourself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will develop to face them. In every case, class, event, and activity, you are asked not only to study leadership, but to demonstrate it.

Each day at SSM begins with one question: “What will you do?” Because that’s the truest way to prepare you for the larger question that matters most, here and in your career beyond our campus: “What difference will you make in the world

Learning in Practise

Students should know there are special moments that pull everything we have learned into focus. When theory, practice, experience, and talent all come to one sharp point—a decision that shapes a definitive course of action. When it’s no longer an issue of what can be done, but of what you will do.

That’s the Swiss way of doing business. Switzerland’s reputation of excellence is due to a highly qualified labor force performing highly skilled work. The source of this reputation is what Switzerland is known for – high quality education throughout Europe.

Ranked among the best MBA Programs worldwide

The Swiss School of Management’s MBA Degree is awarded in collaboration with INSEEC Business School, whose MBA Degree is ranked among the best Programs worldwide and accredited by the Association of MBAs . Further, the SSM MBA Degree is fully accredited by IACBE and CHEA-Council for Higher Education. Our MBA degree is also accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA. SSM is a quality certified school by EduQua, the Swiss Quality Certification label (accredited by the Swiss Federal Government) for Institutions of higher and continuous education.

Our approach focuses on five areas:

Global & Managerial Intelligence

Rise to the challenge of operating in a global world. Mix-up with international candidates and experience what it means to work shoulder on shoulder with people of different countries, culture and views.

Learning in Practice

Learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense pressures.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Explore a potential new venture, connect with entrepreneurs, and discover new opportunities.

The Rome Advantage

Rome is more than a fascinating European capital city; it is a spectacular encyclopedia of living history. It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, and in Rome, every road leads to eternity. Living and studying in Rome provides a rare opportunity to experience a culture, which helped mold the modern world. Come study at the Swiss School of Management and walk on the same old cobblestones where once Julius Cesar or Constantine the Great passed along.

Alumni Relationships

Build connections and uncover business opportunities. As an MBA participant, you’ll have the opportunity to join international youth conferences organized by SSM’s academic partners in Europe. Further, you have the opportunity to change into the Dual or Capital MBA program, granting yourself a paid internship of six month in Paris or London. If you want to take your career to the next level, get to Rome.

Curriculum & Teaching

Classes are twice a week: Monday & Thursday from 6-9pm, including two Wednesdays per month. This will allow you to immediately go for jobs or internships earning work experience. Further, while you are in Rome, it allows you, to travel extensively our beautiful country.

Course Structure

  • Sept.05-29 : Leadership 360 Degrees
  • Oct 03-27 : Accounting & Financial Management
  • Nov 02-24 : Marketing Dynamics
  • Dec 01-19* : Investment & Wealth Management
  • Jan 09-30* : Organizational Behavior & HRM
  • Jan/Feb* : International Law and Ethics
  • Feb 01-27 : Globalization
  • Mar 01-30 : Global Macroeconomics and Finance
  • April/May : Negotiating Globally
  • April/May : Competitive Strategy
  • June & July : Intensive Specialization Courses
  • August : Thesis Research – Self study


The full time MBA Program can be completed in various majors/specializations.

  • Global Management and Leadership
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Non for Profit Organizations
  • Luxury Management

Discover the SSM difference

Throughout the MBA program, students will study leadership, business, entrepreneurship and management philosophies that can be applied to any management role across varied industries. Our business school also gives students hands-on, applicable experience leading groups and classroom discussions.

Our International Accredited MBA includes lectures, corporate visits, visiting speakers, self-assessment exercises and resume/internship counseling. Our goal is to start growing students’ networks from the moment they arrive.

Students will also find that our MBA location in the city center allows students to take advantage of all Rome has to offer. Classes are within walking distance of everything from the Pantheon to the Spanish Steps to the Vatican.

Check out our Dual MBA program and our unique Capital MBA Program as well.

One Year MBA

Westford University College

Westford University College

One Program, Two Certifications, Three Countries, A Unique MBA program designed for Managers and C’level executives

1 Year MBA, Dual Certification, International Study Trip, Convocation in UK, Weekend/Evening Classes, Business Analytics Workshop, Fee can be paid on monthly instalments

This MBA programme is designed to equip you with essential modern management skills and knowledge and prepare you with an enterprising spirit grounded on solid business practices. The programme also aims to provide you with analytical and decision making capabilities in order to face the rapid changes seen in today’s growing business environment.

You will study tools and techniques that will help you develop and manage products and services that will be competitive internationally. As an ambitious and driven student, you will bring to the programme your work experience. This might be from a functional role, for example in marketing or HRM, or a profession such as law or accounting. In either case, you will have a considerable depth of experience in one specific area. This MBA will help you to gain a broader understanding of business by exposing you to key aspects of it and showing you how it all fits together. Conversely, you might have had a more varied role, perhaps in running a small business, where you have some understanding over a range of business activities, but need help in developing your existing business knowledge further.

In both cases this MBA will update your management toolkit and give you a broader stronger profile to enhance your career. Aiming to give our students the knowledge they need for the career they want, we maintain strong links with the business world and offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses which provide the experience and practical skills that employers value. Our graduates become digitally literate, knowledgeable and enterprising and have a global outlook on life.

Admission Entry Requirements

        • Bachelors Degree in any discipline
        • Two years work experience in managerial/supervisory level roles
        • Candidates without graduation will be considered based on minimum 5 years of supervisory/managerial level work experience
        • Age – 23 years and above

Admission to the course is subject to the terms and conditions of Westford School of management and university / awarding bodies.


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